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About Our Cause

Throughout time mankind has struggled with intoxicants. It is estimated that more than 100 new intoxicates are created or discovered every year. Alcohol is the largest consumed intoxicant in the world and is responsible for more deaths every year than all of the other drugs combined. Yet Alcohol is only one of hundreds of different drugs. Everyday new types of intoxicants enter our communities. Awareness and education of such intoxicants is essential to keep our kids and young adults safe.

Impairment is not just when your under the influence of a drug. Impairment is a much broader term and includes; Lack of Sleep, Disabilities, as well as drug and alcohol interactions. S2S leverages experts in the cognitive behavior fields along with current technologies to accrue accurate data through multiple monitoring device points to be use in conjunction with research to create educational, reward, and safety system based on individual impairment.

"Every year, drunk driving claims more than 10,000 lives and costs the U.S. approximately $199 billion."

"We research new technologies and, convey how to use those technologies currently available to keep you and your families safe."

Individual impairment looks at the person, their normal base line of well being Non-impairment and creates a baseline of safety. It automatically communicates with devices and machines to help the impaired person. It provides options that are safe and eliminates dangerous situation. It helps teach people about drugs and drug interactions and get them thinking about what to do before they are impaired and can make the wrong choice.