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Individual Impairment Initiative “i3”

Individual Impairment Initiative

i3 is working to leverage today's technologies that track and report on the human condition and their acceptance in the market, to create a solution of self-awareness and safety prevention around individuals who are impaired. By using one or all of the different data points that we as humans currently employ (i.e. smart phones, fitbit, PBT’s, etc…) in coordination with predictive analytical models, i3 can generate user-awareness with support and alternatives while they still have the judgment to make the healthy choice for them, and potentially the community around them.

What technologies are used in the i3:

On the Body-

Heart rate, body temperature, eye nystagmus, balance and coordination, speech patterns, memory, logic and reasoning,

In the Devices-

Smart Auto-locks, breath, saliva and dermal devices, geo location and timers.

Sensitive locations-

Partial sniffers, logic combination control locks, geo location

Each piece of the system feeds information back to the individual
regardless of the type of impairment (alcohol, pills, marijuana, etc.)

“i3” is the next step in individual learning and responsibility to allow us to safely make the right choices for the individual using the tools that we have today.