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Thanks for the opportunity to tell my story. More importantly, thanks for the guidance and the education. I never knew what it "looked like" to drink responsibly and have a mature, healthy relationship with alcohol. Nobody ever taught me. Your team leader was the first person in my life that didn't pull punches and didn't mince words. He provided me with the resources to learn from this incident that I never knew were available. It encouraged me to look at the program as an opportunity, rather than a punishment. When told to buy a portable breath tester, I thought you were just another agency with a hand out for more money. When you explained all of the technological differences and advantages of S2S and its supporting companies, like AES, I thought it was well intended, but a bit far-fetched to say the least. Up to this point, no one seemed to care about my financial hardship or that not having my license would exacerbate an already challenging situation. No one seemed to want to know about any of the circumstances surrounding my DUI. The common thread with everyone seemed to be, "too bad, pay me." I felt like I had been defined by one bad decision - prior to this, I never even got a speeding ticket. Thanks again S2S and AES

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