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Solutions We're Exploring

All those involved in the S2S Mission are focused on achieving mobile technology that provides the individual with event-driven tools to prompt a call-to-action (ie blowing into a Portable Breath Device - PBT) that in turn sets the environment for what is to happen next. Either the individual is ok to drive and/or operate machinery or, the individual is set onto a different path where he/she is contacted by Uber/Lyft/DriverDrop, a preset message (SMS/MMS) from a treatment-based system, or is contacted directly by a loved one or counselor to ensure the individual is safe.

The BAC-Pack

This system uses a small PBT (NHTSA/FDA Certified) to measure the concentrations of alcohol from the individual's exhaled breath. If the individual requests it, a "smart" auto-ignition lock can easily be installed to prevent the automobile from starting in case of an "event", and will provide other key telematics information to the driver.

The MJKit

Creating a secure cloud based mobile system to let approved users/patients of Marijuana use an automated identification system with Federal, state and local laws on use and requirements. Allowing the mainstream doctor safely recommend alternative medications by providing the data and tools to see need over abuse. Coming Soon

The Meddkit

A secure cloud based mobile system to let prescribers of medications make more informed decision on drug use and lifestyle interactions. Uses automated education to inform the patient of the possible impairment effects that it may have in combination with other compounds or conditions that the patient has. Coming Soon

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