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Our Team

Michael Roth – Founder

Mike has a long history of charitable work. It was his 20+ year experience as a certified criminal defense specialist and judge where he discovered the need for a broader solution to the issue of impaired driving. “most of the people who received a DUI did not understand how Drugs or alcohol work in their body and had developed bad habits that kept them in the criminal justice system.”

Mike pioneered the use of objective data from the Ignition Interlock with online education and treatment to create a continuous monitoring and support system. Taking the data and using Axxess Unlimited’s Responsive Intelligent System of Education created a significant reduction in Alcohol and other violations. Mike and his team have had such success with their mission that the “platform of education” is currently a centerpiece of a three-year study with NIH, Niaaa. MR - “I started Steps to Success because the system of continuous education, and support have proven to help people learn to stop trying to start their cars when they are under the influence. No one is ever taught how to drink.

With the influx of Marijuana and new synthetic intoxicants into our communities, there is a void of affordable solutions to bring about awareness, education, and in some circumstance controls. MR- “There isn’t the time to try to study every new drug that comes on to the market for impairment levels, the only solution is to look to the individual for impairment and build systems of education and support around ourselves.”

Mike holds numerous patents. All of which pertain to human behavior and the manner in which data is processed from devices to a centralized system of education awareness and feedback.

He is former board certified specialist in criminal law, a former judge, a Member of the State Bar of Arizona and Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice, and has been published within a number of publications & associations.

Hire Me

Books and blogs don’t inspire as well as people do. 10-15 times a year I’m hired to speak somewhere around the country, and for good reason. A passionate, smart and engaging living person sharing ideas is more potent than words alone. I have a fantastic track record as a speaker and I don't break your bank. Plus, considering the content of my talk, some companies can’t afford to not hire me. I provide a combination of inspiration, motivation, education and entertainment all at the same time.


I deliver highly interactive 45 to 90 minute sessions on a wide range of topics. I am an expert in the following areas for general audiences:

I. Alcohol and drug related crimes

    • Why officers pull you over (top reasons)
    • (Investigation) Field Sobriety Test
    • DUI task force where and what get you stopped

II. Alcohol and Drugs in the workforce

    • HR what to look for
    • Signs and predictions
    • Marijuana and the ADA
    • What to do
    • How to justify what you want to do with evidence based systems

III. For Parents and Teacher

    • Starting conversations about drugs and alcohol
    • Devices and testing
    • Leading by example
    • Signs and symptoms
    • What to do when all else fails or (positive samples)

IV. Executive groups

    • How to deal with stress and Vicarious trauma
    • Creating support groups for yourself and others at work
    • Working through dinner and drinks
    • There is smoke before fire seeing the signs before the meltdown

V. Athletes college and pros

    • Special situations require special tools
    • Using devices and friends as witnesses and safety nets
    • Stresses on the family unit during the season and after you are done playing
    • Physical injuries pain medications and what can happen when too much isn’t enough

VI. Governmental Agency’s

    • Data system, integration in to existing system (How to work with what you have)
    • Interlocks Home arrest and other third party sentencing providers
             - How to know you are getting what you were promised
    • Grant funding opportunities
    • Why Transparency works for everyone
    • How to get the system you want for all of the stakeholders and vendors in your state
    • Professional witness for hearings, trials and legislative sessions.

VII. New Technologies for identifying impairment

    • Quantified self technologies
    • Fit bit
    • Eye reader (HGN)
    • PBT
    • Voice detection systems (slurred speech)
    • OBD readers for car and driving information.

Previous clients include:


• MLB - Players Association
• NFL - Rookies Symposium
• NBA - 1 on 1 with Several Phx Suns and Min Timberwolves


• Motorola Corp
• Nissan Financial


• APDA Arizona Public Defenders Association 6 years
• Inner working of MVD, ADOT Criminal defense attorneys
• Yavapai County Judge, Prosecutors Public defenders
• GOHS Judicial Conference 2010 2011

College Fraternities/Sororities:

• U of A Delta tau Delta
• ASU Lambda Ky
• U of A SAE
• ASU Pike
• ASU Kappa Kappa Gamma (sorority)

Workshops & Courses

Occasionally I teach deeper sessions with smaller groups (10-25), I teach 2 hour workshops on many topics within the legal space as it pertains to drugs, alcohol, and workplace violence. I’m a trained arbitrator and discussion leader, and therefore organize sessions around situations (less lecture = more learning).

Expert review / Consulting

Borrow my brain – As a Company, Organization, or Government Agency, I can help you and your team avoid costly mistakes in HR. My services can also help your employees detect and prevent potential workplace issues.

I’m interested – What’s next?

Make Contact: I’ll respond quickly and see if your needs, budget and timing match mine.